2016 Scholarship Winners

The La Cañada Thursday Club awarded scholarships to 14 very deserving students. Each one is academically outstanding – the average GPA was 4.3 which was calculated using only academic courses such as math, science, English, and foreign language classes. They completed numerous Honors and AP classes. Their academic success along was outstanding, but they accomplished so much more. They earned academic, athletic, and community awards. Their interests and talents cover a wide spectrum, such as photography, playing the violin, piano, and guitar, singing, writing poetry, public speaking and debate, drawing, hiking, skiing, swimming,, volleyball, crocheting, ice skating, and travel. They volunteer regularly in our community. They started up campus clubs, online newspapers, and musical groups. They are employed, and interned at JPL and USC. They are our future doctors, politicians, researchers, engineers, consultants, and counselors. They are smart, talented, articulate, and poised. They are ready for the next big step – leaving home to attend college!

The recipients for the Greenawalt Foundation Scholarship are:

  • Gabriella Lopez, Flintridge Sacred Heart
  • Michael Pearson, Flintridge Preparatory

The recipients for the Foundation Scholarship are:

  • Naomi Berhane, Flintridge Preparatory School
  • Mica Bernhard, La Cañada High School
  • Jenna Dorse, La Cañada High School
  • Sofia Menemenlis, La Cañada High School
  • Jack Nagel, La Cañada High School
  • Deborah Oh, La Cañada High School
  • Giancarlo Orlando, St. Francis High School
  • Riley Owen, La Cañada High School
  • Megan Reilly, La Cañada High School
  • Shuchi Sehgal, Polytechnic School
  • Emma Tapp, La Cañada High School
  • Selena Zhang, La Cañada High School



Suzanne Whatley and Jeanie Kay

2016 Scholarship Winners (L-R): Emma Tapp, Deborah Oh, Megan Reilly, Selena Zhang, Gabriella Lopez, Sofia Menemenlis, Naomi Berhane, Shuchi Sehgal, Riley Owen, Jenna Dorse, Jack Nagel, Michael Pearson, Giancarlo Orlando, and Mica Bernhard