Current La Cañada Thursday Club members invite new members to join the Club. A prospective member must be sponsored by two current members who recommend her to the Board of Directors.

There are several steps in the membership process. New members must:

1. Attend one Thursday Club meeting

2. Complete the “Recommendation for Membership” form. You can download a membership form here or get one from a current Thursday Club member (members have the form at the back of their yearbook). New members need two Thursday Club members who are in good standing for more than one year to sponsor them. The members fill out the appropriate sections in the “Recommendation for Membership” form.

3. Mail a check for $300 made out to “The La Cañada Thursday Club” along with the completed membership form to our Membership Chair. The $300 check includes the $125 new member entrance fee along with the $175 annual dues.

The membership form will be reviewed by the Thursday Club Board for approval. New members will be presented and welcomed at a regular Tea or Luncheon.

For questions, additional information, and where to send your completed membership form and check, contact Membership Chair, Alice Ryan at